Why Choose Domo Industry?

//Why Choose Domo Industry?
Why Choose Domo Industry? 2018-05-08T16:37:39+00:00

As one of the largest plastic disposable ware manufacturers from China, our factory has been serving US importers, manufacturers, distributors, and the retail industry for over 20 years.

With the goal of bringing our manufacturing capabilities and broad production lines closer to our US customers, Domo Industry also has a manufacturing facility in Allentown, PA, in addition to our China facilities. We’ve implemented real-time customer service, built an extensive US office, and created warehouse and distribution networks country-wide, from east coast to west coast.

We offer a broad line of high quality plastic products, including cutlery, straws, deli containers and lids, thermoformed cups, injection molded cups, PET cups (globally recognized as safe, non-toxic, and recyclable), paper cups, and eco-friendly products.

We serve the markets of quick-service restaurants, food service, retail, hotels/motels, catering, supermarkets, warehouses, convenience stores, amusement parks, janitorial and senatorial supply, medical supply, and more. We also provide custom manufacturing!

Domo Industry is a factory direct resource, offering both direct importing shipments with mixed items from China and domestic distribution shipments out of our warehouses in the US. We are ready to pass the cost saving benefits onto you and your customers, just as we have done with importers and manufacturers over the past 20+ years.

Thank you for supporting a certified minority-owned business!